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Preventative Maintenance

Midwest MEP Inc. provides Preventative Maintenance for our Commercial customers to keep their Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems running reliably and efficiently. We offer Planned Maintenance Agreements (PMA) that provide for scheduled periodic check-ups to maintain peak operating capacity and system efficiency. Our Commercial PMA offers quarterly, semi annual, and seasonal scheduling depending our you application.

Our Service Technicians will make recommendations before a part fails so equipment downtime is minimized. This does not mean that parts will not fail unexpectedly but with a PMA, this risk is minimized.

Advantages of PMA:

Savings: PMAs typically pay for themselves through higher system efficiency, less utility overpayment, and contractor discounts on parts replacement that are not available during emergency repairs. Further, PMA customers receive a discount on all parts and services performed during the entire year.

Peace of Mind: Predictive maintenance will mean fewer system failures and longer life for your equipment and systems.

Priority Service: If a system should fail during extreme weather or during a period of peak operation, customers who have a PMA generally receive priority service.

Continuity: PMA customers are assigned specific technicians most of the tim. That way, you get to know the same technician and he or she becomes famailiar with you and with your systems.

Routine Service: Higher efficiencies of systems are maintained, equipment life is lengthened, costly breakdowns are avoided, and there is greater peace of mind.   

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