Many of our clients manage very large facilities who rely on our expertise and reliability.  From installation and preventative maintenance, to design/build projects aimed to reduce costs and optimize efficiency.  We help our clients achieve energy partnerships and rebate opportunities that result in significant savings and Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points.  We cover any mechanical, electrical or plumbing need for our clients.  We are continually looking to identify operational inefficiencies and hep improve overall efficiency of their facilities.  Considering HVAC and refrigeration can account for more than half a company’s energy bill, even a slight malfunction or inefficiency can be a huge contributor to increased costs.

We have had the honor of working for the following organizations:

Logos for public sector contract work clients


Our extensive experience with the public sector includes many prominent facilities such as the Adler Planetarium, School of The Art Institute of Chicago, and work for the Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Transit Authority.  Many of these structures and systems are relied upon by millions of residents and visitors on a daily basis.  Sustainability and cost are often significant factors for these essential public services.


Logos of health care providers Midwest MEP performs work for


Health Care

Technologically advanced and energy efficient health care facilities are essential to improving the health of our community and veterans.  This means they must make smart investments to improve their facilities operation and maintain a high quality of care for the millions they serve.  We are proud of our work helping the Department of Veterans Affairs make wise decisions at the Hines VA and Jesse Brown VA Hospital in creating better facilities to better care for our heroes.  It is equally important for the public to have access to quality care at hospitals such as Central Dupage and Advocate, both of which we have worked with.


Logos of aviation facilities Midwest MEP has performed work for


Our work with two of the busiest airports in the world, two of the largest airlines in the world, and the largest independently owned provider of airline catering, gives us an unparalleled level of expertise in the aviation sector.  We’ve succeeded in optimizing operations and reducing costs for facilities serving travelers from around the world depend on these airports and airlines systems to be functional and efficient.  From O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airports in Chicago, to international companies such as American Airlines, United Airlines and Gate Gourmet, our expertise is valuable and trusted by the world’s best.



Logos of chemical companies Midwest MEP performs mechanical electrical and plumbing services for


Chemical processing facilities require a high level of care when it comes to their mechanical, electrical and plumbing services.  From temperature controlled environments to more efficient HVAC systems, we have the knowledge and know-how to navigate the hurdles chemical facilities face.  K A Steel, Sun Chemical and Ingredion are just a few of our success stories.



Logos of energy companies Midwest MEP has completed projects for


Having the same goals as maximizing energy efficiency in any environment, Midwest MEP makes a natural fit for energy facilities.  Our work with Ameresco, Commonwealth Edison and Midwest Generation, LLC has allowed us the opportunity to fully engage with cutting edge technology and the best practices in energy efficiency.  Implementing an intelligent planned maintenance program and optimizing usage can have very significant savings for these facilities.



Manufacturing companies Midwest MEP has completed work for


To keep the cost of goods as low as possible to stay competitive, manufacturing companies need to look at their operation from door to door, starting with their facilities.  Reducing risk of downtime during an emergency repair can mean millions to these facilities.  We’ve worked with everyones favorite jelly bean company, Jelly Belly, along with names like Navistar, Hobart and Case New Holland to make the manufacturing process as efficient as possible- so those jelly beans stay affordable.